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24th of January 2008

Repent | Single/DM | Author: James Stanfield | Download 4.7Mb, Mirror (Rapidshare)

Description: A usermap for Pray Your Prayers 2000 TC. "Repent" is a hi-tech research facility with a submarine bay. A slightly updated PyP 2000 TC comes with the zip so that you don't need to download it separately.

Design: It may be just that light colored rock texture, but the visuals kinda reminded me of The Base. Also, the way the level's been designed gives the impression that it could have been a part of the original TC. James is good with lighting: there's a good balance between dark and brighter areas and colored lighting has been used effectively. You get to visit outdoor areas a few times and visually speaking they're the best with a good use of some pipes, shadows and rocks.

Gameplay: Repent is basically Duke3D multiplied by two. This is PyP 2000 so the weapons are and sound more powerful (which makes the enemies more powerful as well) and there's more action. I liked how you were forced to use this cool gun that makes your enemy disappear for a few seconds. I recommend that you play this on Come Get Some since you really want to have a lot of enemies for all those guns. As for puzzles, the level has three keys and is pretty linear. Should take you no more than ten minutes.

Conclusion: A fast-paced, good looking hi-tech/outdoor level, spiced up by a killer techno midi.

Rating: 91