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We Store Your Crap Remix | Single | Author: Kevin Cools & FakirBaba | Download 90kt

Description: Medium size industrial warehouse made by two of our favorite builders: Kef Nukem & Fakir.

Design: First of all the outside area in the beginning is very sweet. Dark desert with very good looking and realistic rocks & plants. The complex itself looks very sweet and detailed from outside. Inside part is also highly detailed with some decent spritework and nice tiny details. Lighting is good and level uses some blue colored lights which however doesn't emit blue light.

Textures: Reminds a lot of Fakir's previous levels. A nice combination of blue & black (Fakir's 'invention') textures. Blue seems to be Fakir's thing which you will find out sooner or later when Fakir3D is finally released (yeah right). Industrial set with some rocky outdoor textures and dark blue sky works very well.

Gameplay: By typing 'dnshowmap' in the beginning you'll find out the fact that the level is very small. But it takes longer to complete than you expected. The enemies are well placed - especially in the main hall area. You'll mostly encounter pigs & Liztroops. There are no Enforces - luckily. In the end you'll encounter two Battlelords which gives a nice finishing touch to We Store Your Crap Remix.

Innovations: There are some like this broken glass & typewriter. Broken glass looks good but that typewriter is damn neat. I have no idea where they found that sound for it but damn I started laughing when I saw it in action. Damn impressive and useless.

Conclusion: Well balanced, quite short, damn good looking level with a nice touch of blue made by two top builders.

Rating: 95