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Provide Relief | Single/DM | Author: Alex Yakovlev | Download 1.6Mt

Duke is sent to Russia to save Moscow people from Aliens. Level follows its storyline pretty well which is very positive. Level starts from a city street where Duke has to travel through a subway system to find this strange base deep inside the ground. Design is quite good. There aren't much extra details. Rooms has quite much everything they need. Shadows are very good - level is very dark so this allows some nice shadows. Zip also includes new sounds such as siren & some other very well done ambient sounds. They fit well and are at times even better than Duke's originals. However there's this underwater section in this level which lowers the score quite much. It's long, dark and tight cave underwater which is really annoying. Especially after spending long time there and then noticing that you can't proceed without a key. This level is worth trying but make sure that you have the yellow key before you enter those large underwater caves.

Provide Relief

Rating: 85