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24th of January 2004

Red Sun | Single/DM | Author: Vanx | Download 86kt

Description: This one's a bit old - many, many years old. I should have reviewed this ages ago but better late than never. 'Red Sun' is a space station with a bit odd texture set but it comes with some nice shadows.

Design: 'Red Sun' isn't very detailed. Design is practical - you can't really say that it's empty because it doesn't feel that way at all. Shadows are where they should be and they're very good - the author definitely understands the way these things work.

Textures: You could say this one looks a bit 'rusty'. Texture set is brown/gray - not the kind of a look you often see in typical space levels (lot's of white textures). This style gives the level a fresh touch.

Gameplay: Nothing revolutionary here. There are keys and there are buttons. One big mistake was to place a button behind a 'wall' (you could walk through it if you knew where to look for). Monster/ammo balance is pretty good. You can choose between two endings - either you just hit the good old Nukebutton or kill the big bad Battlelord - it's your pick.

Innovations: -

Conclusion: Quite fun space level with good lightning effects.

Rating: 87