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31st of October 2020

Quest | Single | Author: Jorge Brea | Download

Note: This is a re-review of Quest. Click here for the original 1999 review.

The Review: Duke is trapped in a hellish dimension filled with lightning, thunder and fearful sights. Jorge's Quest impressed me back in the day for its originality and rich display of weird and innovative visuals. Today, it's less impressive if only because many have followed in its footsteps and borrowed from it over the years. A striking feature that I had already forgotten is how the map is the very definition of linearity; you don't ever have to backtrack even an inch, and you can't stray off the narrow path you're on as you're constantly surrounded by invisible walls. In fact, the map feels a lot like an art gallery that you walk through, killing a few monsters as you enter a room, then spending a few seconds looking at the "paintings" around you before moving on. As it is, you can easily run through the map in just five minutes without missing anything. Due to its simple geometry, you rarely have much room to use as cover, but this is alleviated by giving the player a generous amount of health.

Conclusion: While simple in terms of gameplay, Quest is a fun map to breeze through, its visuals are still plenty of fun to look at and - as evidenced by the amount of imitators over the years - its legacy lives on to this day.

Rating: 85

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