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Psydead | Single/DM | Author: PsyCHosE | Download 101kt

'Psydead' is an old map which has been available on many Duke sites. Now - after many years since its release - it's time for you to play it - probably again. There are two versions of this available in the zip. Normal version & dark version. Dark version is too dark to be played so try it only if you're a hardcore Duker and in need of some challenge. Theme is some forest/canyon with some buildings every once in a while. Nature is quite much similar to 'Legends 2'. It looks pretty and dark. There are over a hundred enemies - lots of respawning ones. There are just enough bullets but not much - don't shoot for fun. Key puzzles are simple but darkness might be confusing at times. Good & interesting design & quite ok gameplay. File is originally from BugTeam so txt is in French - their strange habit.


Rating: 90