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New York Plaza | Single/DM | Author: Michael & Robert Caraballo | Download 59kt

Wow! This thing has age more than five years (today is 8th of February 2003) and I found it a couple of weeks ago. 'New York Plaza' is a city level with some sort of a hotel, a weapon store, apartment & a few other things. Area is quite small but it has three keys and lots of monsters. Design is very good. Skybox is that sunny yellow sky with sealine. Shadows are being reflected from the buildings very well and they look realistic. Design style is quite simple. Buildings & streets look clean in a very impressive way. Rooftops are refreshing. There are some nice looking destroyed walls. Anyways I'm glad that I found this level and make sure you play it too. Very fun & well designed city level.

New York Plaza

Rating: 91