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24th of May 2012

Pjsloth1 | Single | Author: Peter Williams | Download

Description: Peter Williams (Stranded, The Aztec Ruins) is back after an 11-year hiatus. Pjsloth1 is a medium-size canyon-themed outdoor map with quite a bit of aliens.

Into It: The author's knack for impressive terrain design was already pretty evident in Stranded and Aztec. This time it's only more so as the whole map's been constructed so as to play to this strength. The map is also one of the few where your goal is more or less clear from the beginning which gives a nice sense of progression as you play, kinda like climbing a mountain (which is exactly what you're in for!). Besides rocks, there are crates and sandbags everywhere providing not just details but also layout for combat. The map's open nature makes it quite easy to dodge bullets from a distance and for close quarters combat the aforementioned sandbags and crates come in handy. The map is very straightforward without an inch of backtracking required and you get to pick up enough items as you go.

Conclusion: One could say Pjsloth1 has been stripped of everything but the bare essentials required for combat. The map's layout pretty much caters to this purpose but it's also visually impressive, proving that with enough sectors, walls, slopes and proper texturing this old game can still come up with realistic outdoor environments.

Rating: 92

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