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Park TC - Demo | Single/DM | Author: Yves Bresson | Download 613kt

'Park TC' was one of the TCs that got suddenly abandoned. This seems to be the only level so far that has been released. It has one level with Jurassic Park theme. It's a large jungle system with some hi-tech areas & wide valleys (like in the movie). And because this is a TC demo it also has some new art. You should be able to play this level with both versions but at least I couldn't run it with Atomic Edition. You may try please. Design is pretty much ok. Outside areas are beautiful. Jungle is well made as well as large areas. There are many locations from the movie. Park sectors have been surrounded with electric fence. Inside areas are a bit lame. They are bright (zero shadows almost) & quite below average. There's also this totally useless maze in the basement floor. Gameplay is ok with three keys (but I couldn't find the last red key). Distances are quite big so you have to walk a lot. I suggest you to try the demo of 'Park TC'.

Park TC - Demo

Rating: 85