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One2ZerO | Single | Author: Daniel Aashage | Download 73kt

It's time to secure future enterprise. Daniel is a new talented map maker and 'One2ZerO' is a very good map to start releasing top quality stuff from his direction. The design style of the level looks quite like Maarten Pinxten's old style (before his MPCC maps). It's pure and simple and still very detailed in some places. Textures are well picked (most textures are lightbrown rock or something else in lightbrown colour) and aligned. Shadows are ok. The most interesting thing is puzzles: this level has few quite tricky puzzles to solve. When you find two pipebombs try to think what do pipebombs do (yes that's right - they destroy cracks - then find cracks). Look also for secret places and roofs for vents etc. Anyway 'One2ZerO' is a very enjoyable level and I heard that Daniel is already in the middle of making a new level.


Rating: 90