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Aztec | Single/DM | Author: Robert Travis | Download 71kt

Aztec is from Robert Travis, the creator of classics 'Betaone' & 'Anslem'. Aztec is a classic too and it still is very much liked. MSDN has missed this level from its review list but now it's time for Aztec.
Place is somewhere in South-America where you must travel through an ancient city. Level features some nice outside areas with a pyramid and some trees. City itself includes some nice ancient style design and puzzles. Puzzles are normal find-a-key-push-a-button but you might find yourself stucked a few times. Some places are just too confusing with rooms which has four ways out (which you have no idea where they lead you). Shadows are good and there are some small align bugs. Instead of a nukebutton you have to battle with Emperor itself. Ending battle is quite good with quite limited ammo.


Rating: 88