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OHTLD01 | Single | Author: Kevin Cools (Kef Nukem) | Download 104kt

Kevin has been around for some time now and done some stuff like maps for TCs, usermaps, sites and now he's running a site and directing a TC. In the middle of all that stuff he still had got time for this level. If you have played 'Roch' maps (you must be crazy if you haven't) then you know what to expect. 'On Him Their Lives Depend 01' is a city map that uses a lot Roch theme. Which means there are some small handy ideas, new kind of textures (modified from original) and of course that blue sky (I think night sky would have been better for this). Design is very nice with nice looking buildings and I especially liked the design of those broken buildings and on the ground there's a good looking pipe which spits out water. Spritework is mostly used with tables and chairs and it looks good. Shadows are good too (as good as shadows can be in a map like this). It's always welcome to see 3d-switches and ladders. Then the bad things: There's a story but on the map there's only one screen from which you can follow the story, you can shoot through some of the maskwalls, important button is behind the door so you won't see it at first unless you lock the door behind you, spotlights are good but a little bit overused and in the end you might get lost.

On Him Their Lives Depend 01

Rating: 92