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18th of July 2003

EDF Overtaken | Single | Author: Quakis | Download 44kt

Description: 'Nuked 1' brought a brand new Bobsp wannabe to our community but with this level Quakis shows that he has his own style which is still a lot influenced by other highly detailed levels.

Design: Design is detailed and I really liked its 'pure' look. There are no bugs or misaligned stuff. Details are well thought and not overused. There are some nice spriteworks around the level which is partly inspired by Ale's work. Shadows are very well done - they're in realistic locations and they look good.

Textures: I really liked the pure look of textures in this level. The whole level follows this 'creamy' texture set which reminds me of some old levels by Maarten Pinxten. Sky was very well picked and it worked perfectly with the level's textures.

Gameplay: Although 'EDF Overtaken' is enjoyable that is mostly because of its design. Gameplay is a bit poor. The number of enemies is very low - only 23. There are enough goodies to beat more than that. Now things are just a bit too silent. Puzzles are typical key/button hunting. Ending is a bit disappointing.

Innovations: One nice chair. Weehoo!

Conclusion: Quite short level with suberp design but with a bit boring gameplay.

Rating: 92