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Nuked 1: launch bay Complex 1 | Single | Author: Quakis | Download 94kt

'Nuked 1: launch bay Complex 1' is very Bobsp influenced level. Especially in the beginning you'll see lots of design styles copied almost straight from Bob's levels. But design does have a bit originality as well. Some places are detailed but not as detailed as Bobsp levels even this level is clearly trying to follows Bob's style. Some places are quite empty which doesn't fit with the overall theme. There are also some align bugs which could have been fixed easily & this once message in compute screen is a bit hilarious - "Get the power back so the doors will open" - not very realistic. First part of the level is some hi-tech base where you'll find this alien craft as well. Second part is some small part of a city. Hi-tech part is a bit too easy with only a few enemies. There are some more of them in city part but they could have been spread better all around the level. But anyways this is a good level with above average design, good lighting & ok gameplay. For some strange reason zip also includes a beta-version of this level so don't play it instead of the real thing.

Nuked 1: Launch Bay Complex 1

Rating: 86