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3rd of September 2011

Nuke City | Single/Multi | Author: Alan Bellows | Download

The review: Here's a medium-size city map from 1996 that somehow managed to slip past my radar. Nukecity excels in clean texturing, lighting and vertical details. (Interestingly, a certain trim texture is heavily used, and this is years before the texture got popular among mappers.) If not for some poor indoor locations, this could be mistaken for a leftover Duke3D map, albeit one with a lacking theme. The map does have a rather big problem though. There's a shortcut you can take, and this shortcut involves a building that's otherwise useless, which might add to the exploration factor but this shortcut is in fact pretty pointless as you're going to have to take the traditional route at one point anyway. The problem arises from the fact that, since the shortcut involves jumping from one rooftop to another, you may get stuck if your health is too low to withstand a fall you're gonna have to take. (I was lucky enough to land on top of a Pig Cop which saved me from the fall.) Otherwise the map has a good gameplay balance with some stronger foes thrown at you near the end. The map comes with custom cons that are compatible only with V1.3d but you can simply play the map without the cons as they're not essential.

Rating: 86

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