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Nitefall | Single/DM | Author: Gabriel Sheets | Download 102kt

Nitefall is from the author of 'Fetusboy' (very old map) and things have developed since that. Gabriel also worked for Critical Mass TC (which crashed in winter 2001). Nitefall is located somewhere in futuristic looking city with nightclubs, hi-tech areas etc. Design is good. Over average and much more better than in Fetusboy (four years ago). Map has very unique feeling design all over the place and it is quite dark. Lighting and shadows are well used and looks quite realistic. But who cares? The best part in Nitefall is playability. There are over 200 enemies placed around the level which is very challenging (for newbies - not for me:) but luckily there are enough ammos. In the end you have to fight against a HUGE pack of Octabrains which is so fun. Level also uses very well done sector-over-sectors. Great fun for all Duke freaks out there!


Rating: 88