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Near Life Experience | Single | Author: Daniel Aashage | Download 930kt

'Near Life Experience' is something different. Design is excellent - shadows are good (map is quite bright so dark shadows can be seen very well) - gameplay feel rocks and it has excellent puzzles. Puzzles aren't just keycard hunt but now there are some more clever ideas and little dead-ends - if you find a pipebomb you should know that you have to use it. However luckily these puzzles aren't as hard as in Daniel's previous work 'One2Zero'. There aren't many maps which has good extra arts - usually extra art sucks - but 'NeLiEx' has excellent new art - from Half-Life. I admit that some of the art looks messy and Duke has better arts but the overall feeling which the new art brings is very good. Map is also totally well balanced - there are just enough bullets to shoot around. Filesize might be bigger than usual but it really is worth it.

Near Life Experience

Rating: 93