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Myrsky | Single/DM | Author: Sepi | Download 134kt

'Myrsky' (it's Finnish and means 'storm') is a bit Roch-type level with large streets and lots of indoor locations. For the most part - design is good and locations interesting (basic stuff such as a disco, a burger restaurant etc.). There are enough monsters/weapons and level is quite large. However there are two flaws. Author runned out of sectors which led to lack of shadows at some places. Some places are way too bright. Main street has some lamps but no shadows. Basement is also extremely bright even there are no light sources. Another flaw is key hunting which is annoying. There are six cards and some of them are badly placed - sometimes you find a key which you already have. I also faced some difficulties while hunting the last blue key. But in any case 'Myrsky' is still quite enjoyable and well designed level. It surely keeps you entertained a bit over ten minutes.


Rating: 85