The license applies to MSDN text/images and to my levels

5th of March 2006

MSDN Old Map-Pack | Single/DM | Author: Some of the finest | Download 3Megs

This is a pack of some of the finest Duke maps ever created. Most of these maps were constructed between -96 and -99 and they're from the earliest Hot Maps section of MSDN (the download links have been broken for years now).

There's a total of 28 levels including classics such as Mike Beaulieu's Legends (both 1 & 2) and Bobafett, Pascal Rouaud's first Roch map (still amazing and consists of about half an hour of gameplay), C3PO's Leaving LA, Levelord's Sewage & Sweeney, Andras Piroska's legendary Warz, Dukebert's DrDoom, Stranger's Starlite Project, two maybe the most popular (and according to some - the best) space levels ever GJHoyer & Big Orbit and more.

Each map oozes high quality and will blow your mind. I also included a midi, NOFX's Drugs Are Good, originally "discovered" by MRCK (the dude behind Anarchy City maps). Playing this pack will leave you full of inspiration and admiration. It has been ten great Duke years now and these classics will still stand among the best maps ever made - for any game.