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14th of July 2004

MRCK_Spiegul | Single | Author: Aymeric 'MRCK' Nocus & Merlijn Oostrum | Download 97kt

Description: MRCK finishes what Merlijn started. This one's a medium size city level with lots of bad-ass enemies and lots of eye candy - just what every city-addict needs.

Design: Yeah this one sure looks good. The first thing you'll notice is that mirror-type reflection on the wall which reflects the whole street - awesome effect. Streets, rooms & hallways are filled with stuff. Cars are well designed and there are plenty of explosions. The second time I played the level I used hi-res textures which actually made the level look worse - so stick with the originals.

Textures: Typical MRCK/Merlijn stuff - well decorated stuff with rich walls and plenty of different colors.

Gameplay: Puzzles are typical and easy but gameplay is frustrating. The second street area is filled with PigCop Tanks and spawning Battlelords. When you add a bunch of flying Sentry Drones into that soup the result is one annoying meal.

Innovations: Well yeah - that reflecting wall. Although similar effects have been seen before.

Conclusion: Badly balanced but very well designed level.

Rating: 87