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2nd of March 2008

Mortal Shock | Single/DM | Author: Eye del Cul | Download 84Kb, Mirror

Description: Mortal Shock is a medium size space station, loosely based on some System Shock 2 level.

Review: A space station is under attack and Duke must get out. This is all the story you're going to get, since all viewscreen messages in game are in Spanish. But this hardly matters since Duke3D speaks the language of bullets and blood. "Eye del Cul" has put forward a good looking space station map that reminds me a bit of Docking Doom by Girl_Online. Its texture theme is straight from Lunar Apocalypse and the level has a very clean, Maarten Pinxtenish kinda look with good lighting and architecture. The station is not a generic hi-tech/space station map with nothing but tons of machinery. It has the kind of stuff you'd expect to find from a space station: a crew quarters, a bar, a swimming pool, bathrooms and so on.
The level plays very well despite the fact that it's quite typical in terms of gameplay. Combat stays interesting the whole time although you won't be encountering anything stronger than a commander. There's a good amount of non-linearity since you get to pick all three keys in any order you want (although the yellow one was a bit too hard to find). The level comes with a new midi which is okay on low volume.

Conclusion: Mortal Shock is surprisingly enjoyable despite the fact that neither its gameplay nor architecture offers any surprises. The level is perfectly balanced with plenty of clean, well lit architecture.

Rating: 93