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The Lost Moonbase | Single | Author: Alejandro Glavic | Download 86kt (reset 5.15.07: 835 downloads)

'The Lost Moonbase' is a sequel to 'EDF Secret Base' (if you want it then ask Alejandro). The whole level in every sector is perfect. There's nothing wrong/bad in this level. Textures are perfect (space textures and Alejandro's design allows new kind of textures too), shadows are perfect (different colors & lighting) etc. Story is followed by viewscreens and this level has lots of them. Every switch is made of sprites and the whole level is full of amazingly detailed spritework (Alejandro's speed is amazing - spritework usually takes lots of time and is annoying). Level has explosions, pickable cards, new cool design and everything. The scenery to moon's surface is great (level could have used more these by the way - unreachable places). I'll leave this review short because the fact is that everything in this map is perfect. Can't say anything bad about it.

The Lost Moonbase

Rating: 97