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Military Madness | Single/DM | Author: Alejandro Glavic | Download 115kt

Yet one more industrial set single-player level from Alejandro Glavic. So far uses the same style and ideas as before. Design is not far from Bob Averill's details (and I'm sure Alejandro could produce as much details as Bob but that would affect on size a lot). Puzzles normal. Gameplay good. But I must admit that I got quite bored because of the same kind of design all over the place and it's similarity to other Alejandro's levels. Alejandro's industrial theme starts already repeating itself after all these levels. Perhaps space, nature, city etc. map from Alejandro would be nicer than one more industrial level. You can also try this in dukematch. It works better than I expected. All dukematch action happens in the garage part which is a lot better idea than putting players all around the level.

Military Madness

Rating: 93