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Russian Missile Base | Single/DM | Author: Jason Bredhauer | Download 91kt

This map has been available on several sites such as good old DMC and it is one of the maps from crashed James Bond TC ('Ballroom' also available at MSDN). Place is Russian missile base. It has missiles, big warehouses, tech-rooms, vehicles etc. Design is good especially vehicles, outdoor places and computer rooms are nice looking. However there are lots of misaligned textures and some other minor bugs and a few bad texture picks. Gameplay is good but it might be quite hard in the beginning because you haven't got much bullets to fight against the hordes in the first warehouse. Just make sure that you are experienced in killing enemies. Great map. (Want some more maps by Jason? - Download JJ Duke TC - download link is in TC Reviews and JJ Duke section)

Russian Missile Base

Rating: 91