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24th of February 2008

Men in Black v2.67 | Single/DM | Author: Luciano "Gambini" Gallo | Download 114kb

Description: The man behind Rush Back hits with a blast from his past. Men in Black is more than ten years old but has remained unreleased - until now. The map is a rather standard city map with various locations and some Men in Black references.
Note: You need to play this on Come Get Some if you wish to have something to kill.

Design: Even though MiB is almost as old as Duke3D the level of details is well above average. I was particularly impressed by the use of shadows and lighting effects in Duke Burger and the bar. I also like how several locations had been filled with all kinds of sprites that actually look good as decoratives. The industrial section of the Burger was a nice touch too. There were some locations where more details should have been added such as the streets.

Gameplay: As noted above, you need to play this on Come Get Some in order to have enemies. The level has a well balanced item/monster ratio. I didn't run out of bullets until the very end. There are 11 secret places of which I was able to find only four so in case you run into trouble, start snooping around! The map is not fully linear so sometimes you get to pick extra routes to desired locations.

Conclusion: A good standard style city map with a good use of lighting and decoratives.

Rating: 90