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6th of April 2008

Aremade 1 | Single | Author: Mia Max | Download 214kb, Mirror

Description: MiaMax's debut was released last summer but it was left partially unfinished and incompatible with the Classic mode. Now it's here again with bugs fixed & compatibility issues removed. It is recommended that you use the HRP. The zip includes two maps by Mia Max.

Design: The txt is rather modest with only a few lines about the map so you never really find out what the setting is supposed to be but it seems to be some kind of a military installation. The level has a very unique look with an unusually colorful texture set. Lighting is excellent. Indoor areas are well lit but it's the outdoor section that should make an impression with its shadows that seem to take the angle of the Sun into account (never mind the fact that there's no Sun anymore: the original version had a skybox).

Gameplay: Max's debut has quite a bit of variety. The first half is spent mostly indoors with all kinds of typical hi-tech stuff while the second half involves mostly outdoor action. Item/monster balance is good and you'll be searching for some keys & buttons - nothing new in that department. There's a pretty good boss fight that wraps it up. With all the candy-like colors and the desert-like boss arena I actually felt like I was playing Serious Sam.

Conclusion: Mia Max has come up with a fresh looking (especially if you use the HRP) Duke3D map. It plays well and should take you around 20 minutes.

Rating: 90