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6th of June 2011

Preparing for Christmas | Single | Author: Mister Sinister | Download

The review: Here's something unusual for a change. Duke realizes that it's Christmas but he still hasn't got a tree, presents or beer. So it's up to you to help Duke find those items, no matter his hangover. This being a puzzle map, there are no enemies and, while small, the map can take anywhere from a few minutes to tens of minutes, depending on how often you get stuck. Before you can even dream of purchasing the aforementioned items, you need to solve a bunch of other tasks, such as how to get out of your house, the key being locked away and all. Hints are provided every now and then and it helps if you're familiar with the way things work in this game so that you know what is possible and what is not. The map may take some time to figure out but all the puzzles are solvable and not so that you're forced to rely on luck. Some things are easy to miss so pay attention to everything, no matter how stupid it might seem. Besides puzzles, the map also has some nice Christmas-themed stuff, including a cool snowing effect. The map can be frustrating but it can also be rewarding so it's up to you to give it a score.
Note: If you get weird texture behavior, extract the files from (the zip in the zip) into your Duke3D folder.

Rating: No rating

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