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9th of June 2004

Return to MegaCity | Single | Author: MapLord | Download 80Kt

Description: Pretty nice & short level from the author of 'Mars!4'. Doesn't really have anything city-related in it so don't let the name confuse. It's 100% hi-tech (well - almost).

Design: Your mission is to activate some generator - or at least that seems to be your mission. Can't really figure that out since the txt is not in English (is there ever a reason for that?). Not the most original plot (already tried 'Voices of Authority'?) but hey it's good enough for me. The overall design is good and there are plenty of good looking shadows. Once you get out of that hi-tech place you'll find yourself in some cave - which looks very good with well sloped/curved surfaces (it's short but still). Didn't get the meaning of that temple thing in the end but who cares.

Textures: Yeah it's hi-tech using dullish hi-tech colors. It looks very good - but nothing really drew my attention. Standard professional stuff.

Gameplay: This one has about twenty monsters - could use a lot more since you're given two portable Medkits. But it's still fun. There are some keys to be found & some buttons to be pushed (to activate the reactor) which is all standard & fun stuff. More monsters needed - and this one's really a bit too short.

Innovations: Nope.

Conclusion: Short, fun & good looking hi-tech level. Too bad I can't download any of the other levels from the author's site - they're offline.

Rating: 87