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11th of February 2008

Mass Intension | Single | Author: Harmon Kinstler | Download 124Kb, Mirror

Description: A gloomy looking hi-tech map from a first time mapper.

Design: With a mix of colorless textures the author has given the map an atmospheric, claustrophobic and gloomy look. Not everyone is pleased with this particular choice of textures - it is not very rich (there's very little variety) and trimwork could be better. Anyways, it provides a sense of originality. The strong point here is lighting. All that gloominess provides a good opportunity for well implemented lighting and that's exactly what the author has done.

Gameplay: You get to push a good chunk of buttons. There are plenty of doors around and the map seems unlinear but getting lost is not an issue - a fair usage of viewscreens ensures that you know where you're going. A few areas seemed cramped: once I got ambushed by three Octabrains in a tiny room (and you know how badly those Octablasts hurt). I'd have liked to see some outdoor locations, even if just through some windows. Now you get to see outside maybe twice. There's an innovative boss battle that finishes the level although I did end up cursing the map to hell a few times at this point even during my second playthrough.

Conclusion: A good rookie map with some fresh ideas and a unique look. Should take you around 20 minutes.

Rating: 88