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Maarten Desert | Single | Author: Maarten v. Oostrum | Download 227kt

'Maarten Desert' or 'Maads' is a huge desert level with lots of puzzles and monsters. Nature is beatiful. Canyons, jungle and hi-tech sectors looks good but some canyons could use more shadows. Surface is not so even which gives more realism to level. Some nice explosions and tons of monsters keeps you moving. Plot is followed through viewscreens which gives more suspense to level with an alien story. Most part of the level takes place in a desert and outside but you'll find yourself walking through hi-tech base and a great hotel. Some places has great design, some average and some has a bit below average design (but mostly quality is a bit above average). Level is quite huge so it's only for single-players unless you like really big dukematch levels (I don't). At least I really enjoyed playing 'Maarten Desert' because of it's above average design, plot, gameplay and huge size of the level.

Maarten Desert

Rating: 87