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16th of December 2016

Lunar Burnout | Single | Author: Shawneth | Download

The Review: This is a pretty short Lunar map that puts a few Nuclear Showdown features into good use. The map is divided into two short hi-tech segments, separated by a small outdoor area. To navigate through this outdoor bit, you need a spacesuit which creates a new dynamic as you cannot use your weapons while wearing it. As for the rest, you'll be on the lookout for keys and a repair kit(s). There are only a handful of rooms in the map, so the author yanked up its length by making you go back & forth, perhaps a bit excessively, but at least there are a few respawns keeping you entertained on this journey.
Overall, it's a fun map with decent design (particularly lighting; texturing could be a bit less bland), but you aren't given much leeway with respect to ammo; waste any bullets and you're pretty much fucked, especially considering the positioning of the last miniboss. There was also one bit that felt a bit like Alien: Isolation (in terms of gameplay, not ambience) for a few seconds until it got merely tedious, an example of a cool idea not implemented in practice as well as it could have been.

Rating: 86

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