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19th of February 2009

The Last Pissed Time | Single | Author: Maxim -Lezing- Chinyakin | Download 290Kb, Mirror

Description: Another kick-ass Russian map. You may know Lezing for his participation in Russian Community Build Project or for LEBuild, a custom Duke3D level editor. The Last Pissed Time is a puzzle-oriented map set in a hi-tech facility.

Into It: Billy Boy hits a familiar tone, but he was constrained by the limits of pre-EDuke32 Duke3D. Lezing, who used EDuke32 and his own LEBuild to make this map, is not. The level is filled with puzzles utilizing some of the new effects made possible by LEBuild. There are multi-color puzzles, various text effects (with sprite overlap bugs if you play in Polymost like I did; the Classic mode is slow), math puzzles, mirror-Shrinker puzzles and many more. Will you get pissed off solving them? Maybe not. The puzzles, while not always very logical, are still quite fair. In fact, having a good memory and navigation skills helps you more than having brains. At few locations I wished the map would have helped me more with navigation since sometimes a button opens a door without any apparent logical connection.

Design is impressive with plenty of room-over-room tricks and amazing spritework. You'll spend most of the time indoors; there is only one outdoor location and even that felt a bit surreal with that blue haze, static environment and seemingly constraining surroundings. In fact, you never quite learn where you are; a couple of times I thought I was locked in some kind of a testing facility, set up just for me, like the one in Portal. Sounds have been used effectively.

You'll spend a lot more time solving puzzles than fighting enemies. Item/monster ratio is good and there were a few tougher spots but you may want to try this one on hard. However, the ending is very anticlimactic after an hour or so of solving puzzles and fighting aliens.

Conclusion: The Last Time Pissed is an innovative map. If you're looking for straightforward kind of gameplay then you may not like the map but it's worth taking a look at even if it's just to see the new tricks. Those who like fair puzzles and loved Billy Boy's maps should enjoy their time playing this level.

Rating: 96