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Larockzr | Single | Author: 2BAD | Download 42kt

'LaRockzr' is an old map made about three years ago so you might have tryed it already because it has been available on several Duke3D sites. This is from the maker of 'City Crackdown TC' (a long time project - still not ready). It looks much like original Duke3D maps in first and third episode. So in that way it's nice. It has lots of similarities with E1L1 and E3L2 etc. The design is good but not as detailed as today's best maps are. Of course because the goal was just to do an original Duke3D looking map. Some areas are too empty (the large outdoor area in the middle of map for example) and there are a couple of misaligned textures. Level could have used more items such as health and ammos because you'll run out of bullets especially if you destroy the building on the outdoor area. Anyways the goal was to do original Duke3D looking level and it succeeded. With a couple of bug fixes and some more details to empty areas this level could have been in original Duke3D.


Rating: 86