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19th of June 2004

Jungle Tour 3: Ice Age | Single | Author: Stephano Lessa | Download 1.10Mt

Description: Steph's therapy session turned into a level which I could say is just a winter version of his previous outdoor levels. Includes new textures and a midi that really fits.

Design: Haven't tried 'Jungle Tour 2' yet? Well try it now. This is like it. Lots of big outdoor areas connected to each other with some caves & stuff. It's all 100% nature - no hi-tech shite. Outdoor design is good but repeats itself - Only a few places at the end side of the level woke some extra attention. The level is very flat as well. Shadows are missing at times and when they're where they should be they could be darker. Some cave sections were too bright. But anyways the design combined with a bunch of new textures is still good - just could use a bit more variety & eyecandy stuff.

Textures: Comes with a pack of new winter textures. Texturing is pretty good although a theme like this doesn't allow you to do much tricks with the textures - after all some outdoor area requires only a few textures where some indoor hi-tech area might have tons of different textures. The sky is nice.

Gameplay: 100% adventure/action with neither buttons/keys nor puzzles. The areas are all big but there's usually only one way out (very linear although it might not feel that way due to the size of the gaming area). Lots of monsters and ammo scattered around the surface. Of course a level like this might get a bit boring after a while since there's very little variet in design and no variety at all in gameplay. But it's still quite fun while it lasts - for about twenty minutes.

Innovations: -

Conclusion: Big Ice Age level with a bunch of cool new textures & lots of bad guys.

Rating: 87