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Passenger Jet | Single | Author: Jason Bredhauer | Download 56kt

Old-new level that was never released. This was also one level in Duke Is 007 TC that got abandoned. I reviewed some of Jason's best levels here some time ago and now we have here a new one. This one was completed few years ago but it was released just now with some added details. It's an airplane with normal airplanet stuff. There are passenger seats (very detailed rooms, chairs), kitchen (very good looking this one too), bottom floor with crates and other maintenance stuff (nice echo and other ambient sounds here). Level has one tricky puzzle so keep your eyes open. 'Passenger Jet' is quite small & tight level but it's very well designed and fun. Download also these levels from 007 TC: Underwater Sub base, Russian Missile Base, The Secret Base, Russian Observatory Snow Base & Ballroom (all Hot Maps - 'The Secret Base' by Kef Nukem - Jason did others).

Passenger Jet

Rating: 90 (Re-rated from 87 on 23rd of December 2008.)