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Jailbird 2 | Single/DM | Author: Alan Page | Download 94kt

Jailbird 2 is an old level by Alan Page. It must be the best prison style userlevel out there (E1L3 being still my favorite). Design is first class as well as those quite normal puzzles with all small prison themes like escaping from your cell, button combinations etc. Jailbird2 includes messhalls, cellblocks, security rooms, visitor rooms, yards and a very nice looking city streets at the end of the level. Level has tons of enemies (Children from BugTeam added some - they really like levels with lots of enemies at the BTeam) so Jailbird 2 is action filled. This is a classic and you should get it (and if you already have played it then it must be some years ago so go ahead and replay it now - it's definitely worth it).

Jailbird 2

Rating: 93