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Jade Base | Single | Author: Devastator | Download 650kt

Since 'Space Vessel' Devastator has improved his skills a lot. His previous work 'Alien Planet' was a good one already even it had some flaws. 'Jade Base' is an interesting one. It has a very interesting and even original design. Shadows are very good at times - especially colored lighting which is used often. But there are some areas which lack shadows like the escape pod in the beginning. Design varies a lot. There are red mountains, dark undergrounds, greenhouses, hives etc. There are lots of different effects like moving structures, explosions etc. However there are some design flaws as well. Greenhouse is a nice idea but it has too many trees which affect on visibility. There's also a train system - similar to E2L8 but it's almost impossible to make that train move due to its buggy button. Train tunnel is also filled with eggs & Octabrains which made my computer crash a couple of times. So Jade Base might be a bit annoying at times but it has a very original design and interesting locations.

Jade Base

Rating: 86