The license applies to MSDN text/images and to my levels

CC_RLMDM | Single/DM | Author: Chris Coleman | Download 87kt

It's called CC_RLMDM in short. It's dedicated to Ross Cameron Lemon. This is a fresh, different level. Even the theme is quite uncommon. Or how many island city levels have you downloaded from MSDN? Anyways the design is unique. I think it has kinda 'small-scale' feel in it. Everything seems to be small. Buildings, trees etc. Njah just check it out and you'll see what I mean. No bugs - very clean. Very good shadows - In daylight levels I prefer dark shadows - just like the ones in this level. Gameplay balance is good - perhaps more enemies would have been better but it still is fun. Dukematch game is also included. I don't know about 1 on 1 game (which the author recommends) but it's quite good with lots of bots. Better than big levels usually (and I don't usually prefer bid dukematch levels). CC_RLMDM has a very fresh and sunny feel - points for making sky day/blue instead of dark city. Sunny island themed level is a great gift for this spring. Beach section with some babes, surfboard and a lighthouse is impressive.


Rating: 90