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12th of April 2008

Hydrofusion Substation v1.42 | Single | Author: Luciano "Gambini" Gallo | Download 108kb, Mirror

Description: Another oldie from the author of Rush Back and Men in Black. Hydrofusion Substation is a hi-tech/outdoor map.

Design: The level starts off from a good looking (although short) street area where you get to enter a well designed truck which then takes you to some hydrofusion station. There's some cool lighting all around the map and the yellow sunset-type of sky fits like a glove. Spritework is all around you but sometimes it contributes to the level's quite claustrophobic design, making it difficult to move. There's nothing truly mind-blowing but I'll pick the cafeteria area as the best-looking part of the map.

Gameplay: You're given a fair amount of enemies to kill but Enforcers & Pig Cops are the worst you're gonna find. Not that this is a bad thing: as suggested above, the level is a bit too cramped for Commanders or Battlelords. You're given a very limited supply of ammo & weapons. If you're lucky (I wasn't), an Enforcer may drop a chaingun but you're pretty much limited to your shotgun & pistol. There are some cool scripted sequences and a few explosions that occur right in front of your face (not very fair if you ask me).

Conclusion: A fifteen-minute hi-tech map with detailed but cramped architecture. Not too hard if you spare your ammo.

Rating: 90