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Hydro Station | Single | Author: Alejandro Glavic | Download 98kt

Alejandro keeps pumping out high quality Duke maps. After Duke's journey in moonbase (play 'The Lost Moonbase') he lands back in the business on Earth. 'HydroStation' is more similar with his latest work 'Adg03' and 'Adg04'. Quite dark, industrial level with high quality design and excellent shadows. Alejandro has used even more complex spritework with this level. Level has some awesome rooms full of sprite stairs and rooms are filled with sprite pipes and machinery. The factor which makes this level different from Adg03 and 04 is the end level sequence where you turn on the emergency override switch. This gives you some time to escape from the facility while watching the facility to collapse and explode (none of this really happens - just some quakes and C9:). Detailed, excellent shadows and great gameplay but after 'The Lost Moonbase' Hydro's theme is quite boring and dark.

Hydro Station

Rating: 94