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4th of July 2008

Hostel | Single | Author: David B. | Download 76Kb

Description: A medium size city map that sticks with the familiar 3DRealms theme. Work on the map started ten years ago.

Review: Well, this one is pretty standard. You've got a subway, a bar, some streets and a hotel. It's all like in the original game (including good lighting), with the exception of the hotel which has a bit more unique design in terms of texturing. The level has some easter eggs referring to some movie (Hostel?) but I couldn't find any of the secrets without cheating. But you know me - always lazy with secrets. Gameplay is average. First part of the map (before the subway) seemed a bit too easy with only a handful of enemies.

Conclusion: A map that imitates the city style of the original levels never fails.

Rating: 87