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22nd of February 2023

Hollywood Holocaust remake part 2 | Single/Multi | Author: Bruno Lombard | Download

The Review: This is a continuation of the Hollywood Holocaust remake "street part", focusing on the insides of the theater that's been given a 21st century facelift. If the street part was one of the most detailed maps ever made for the game, then this one could, somehow, be even more detailed. There isn't a single area that'd look lacking in some way; every area is teeming with details. The lobby in particular stands out with its elaborate sprite platforms, but it's hard to pick favorites when the next impressive thing awaits around the corner. Often it feels like more effort has been put into a single object than I managed to put into all of my maps over the years! And like with the previous map, here too there are quite a few juicy jokes to be discovered along the way and a repeat of the "duck" puzzle from the previous map (I couldn't be bothered and found just one duck though). The place's layout is slightly confusing because of the open-ended lobby with many routes to choose from, but it's nothing terribly off-putting and in fact adds to the map's replay value, as your experience of the first few minutes may vary considerable depending on how you approach this section.
Too bad then the map's gameplay isn't all that good. The previous map didn't really know how to use respawns effectively; here they are even more obnoxious. Enemies tend to spawn in in massive amounts only a few meters from you, and because this time around all the action takes place indoors where every inch is teeming with details, it's hard to dodge and try to get to a better position. It's often best simply to select your RPG, hope you have enough rockets left and act fast before the horde gets too close. It's not that the map is terribly difficult; I died just twice (both times to my own rocket, which in itself is pretty telling), but it's just no fun when the map constantly forces you into corners and chokepoints with 200+ enemies blocking your way and you have to grind your way out.
Another problem is darkness. A lot of the map is just too dark, and while this is used a mission device, by the time you get to flip the switch you won't have much need to revisit the previously dark sections anyway, so you're left with a paultry payoff for all that hard work in the darkness.

Conclusion: A fantastically detailed "remake" of the Hollywood Holocaust theater that's absolutely worth seeing - preferably with the "dnmonsters" cheat activated.

Rating: 91

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