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9th of December 2013

Hibernal Solstice | Single | Author: Aymeric "MRCK" Nocus | Download

The review: Not many Duke3D maps have a time travel angle but this one does. The map consists of a small street area with a few accessible buildings. Design is fairly minimalistic by MRCK's standards but still good; how could it not be? In a twist of irony, considering MRCK's rather cramped maps in the past, the map's decorations and rooms felt slightly oversized. In any case, this same area is then repeated four times in the map, each time with some tiny variations to convey the passage of time. Too bad the variations are so modest then. It'd have been more interesting if the passage of time had been decades or even centuries. Now you're left with cleaning up the essentially same location four times. Still, the map has good gameplay and design, being well worth your time even if "uninspiring" describes it better than "ambitious".

Rating: 87

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