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22nd of May 2008

Area 69 | Single | Author: Fernito | Download 4.7Mb, Mirror

Description: Relatively big hi-tech/outdoor (mostly outdoor) map set in an Arctic environment.

Design: I just like winter/arctic themed maps and this one is no exception. Area 69 is some kind of a research facility in the middle of a freezing environment. And although you'll be spending time indoors (getting familiar with pretty confined spaces and dozens of doors) the level puts outdoor locations into good use - and there's plenty of them (caves, pits, lakes etc.)! Another attracting feature is how the facility is textured with mostly white textures that, combined with the outdoor areas, give the level kinda creamy look. There are some new textures and they've been used effectively.

Gameplay: Area 69 is one of those levels where there's quite a lot to explore. The level has more than ten secrets and usually there are various routes leading to wherever you should be going. There are four computers around the level you need to activate. Why? That's not explained. Anyways, as a puzzle it works pretty well - thanks to the level's nonlinear nature, you get to find the computers in any order you wish (at least that's how it seemed). At least once you have to find a crack on a wall to proceed and you just might miss that one if you don't look carefully - but other than that the level is not difficult to navigate. There is plenty of ammo around and usually scarcity depends on how many secrets you have found (and I suggest leaving underwater Octabrains alone). However, in my opinion there were a bit too many encounters with Commanders in confined spaces.

Conclusion: A good arctic map with a unique look & plenty of things to explore. Should take you around 20 minutes but in case you feel like you missed a few things, play it twice.

Rating: 92