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31st of October 2012

Grey Lights | Single | Author: Mister Sinister | Download

The review: This is a pretty typical hub-style city map with all the usual urban locations from Shop-n-Bags to Sushi restaurants. You'll also be picking up keys and pushing some buttons, killing aliens in between. Design is of the clean, classic variety with some good spritework thrown in, resulting in a nice mix of vanilla and more recent design. The latter sections have a noticeable sense of scale and space, reminding me a bit of the author's Bad Weekend episode. In general the map has a generous selection of both wide open spaces and cramped indoor sections, and the only part I found a bit disappointing was the sewer, a bland maze-like location with a keycard at the end of it. Gameplay is balanced for the most part but there's too much reliance on the pistol & shotgun, but I still found the pistol-heavy start refreshing. Of seven secret places I managed to find only one but I wasn't even looking for them as the map provides plenty of bullets and health even without the secrets. All in all, Grey Lights is a solid, fun and polished piece of work that offers no surprises. (The map comes with a new user.con file that hasn't been renamed and as such can interfere with pre-existing user.cons. If so, rename the old ones or just play the map without the new con as it's pretty useless.)

Rating: 92

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