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31st of October 2006

Golgi Mission | Single | Author: Phoenix | Download 183Kb, Mirror

Description: A mission-based Starship Troopers map from the author of Taamalus, Theft and Munasta serie (1,2,3). SST required.

Design: "Golgi" looks a bit better than Phoenix's previous maps but they are not really comparable because of somewhat different themes. The level's got some mountains and combined with those three things (they look a bit like nuclear cooling towers) they make a nice scenery. Most of the level's action takes place outdoors but there's a small underwater part leading to a building. The indoor areas could have been better lit but the building's exteriors seemed well done with a good set of textures and a few decorations.

Gameplay: You mission is to turn on some transmitters and watch some fireworks. It's not that obvious but the level is basically just one big outdoor area so getting lost is a no go. You can call for some airsupport but their actual help is merely cosmetic. A lot of ammunitions & health is provided so that shouldn't be a problem.

Conclusion: A good mix of action and puzzles.

Rating: 90