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10th of November 2004

Gotham's Industrial District | Single | Author: Stephano Lessa | Download 105kt

Description: Another industrial hi-tech level from Stephano Lessa who released his 'ICE' episode about a year ago which also - introduced us to a wonderful world of industrial levels - one after another.

Design: Steph's design skills have definitely improved since ICE. Many of the details look suberp compared to his previous levels. However a bunch of them also feels forced. And lighting is very poor - there are hardly any powerful shadows - the whole level seems to be under one brightness level. There's also hardly any variety. Two outdoor areas and some hallways with typical hi-tech equipment.

Textures: It's very gray - and even more gray. Even ICE had more variety in colors than this - However there are some nice combinations - in fact a lot of them - and some of them have been covered with pretty good looking colored lights.

Gameplay: Industrial District is pretty long. It follows the typical three-keys-and-a-bunch-of-buttons style. The weapon/monster balance is pretty good but the lack of health packs might cause difficulties to some of you. Some of the combats just became frustrating - and when there's very little variety in theme and design it becomes boring.

Innovations: None

Conclusion: Long and partly very good looking hi-tech level with very little variety and with a very dull color theme.

Rating: 86