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7th of May 2012

Forever and One More Day | Single/Multi | Author: underTaker | Download

Description: A medium-size city map where Duke gets to visit the headquarters of his makers.

Into It: It's maps like this that are the raison d'Ítre of Duke Nukem 3D. As far as city maps are concerned, Forever and One More Day is typical in every sort of way and it represents just the things that made Duke3D so good in the first place. But from a purely technical point of view, it's clearly better. If there were a project that sought to make an enhanced Duke Nukem 3D but without changing the engine, then this is the kind of a map you'd expect to find. Its style is strictly 3DR but more detailed, better shaded and better textured. The map's layout comes with a high degree of interconnectedness whereby blowing up a wall leads you right back to an earlier section. The map treats you with a generous amount of monsters but without overdoing it. There's also a fair amount of secrets to be found, many of which are much needed as the map is not overly generous with supplies.

Conclusion: While not groundbreaking, Forever and One More Day is a flawless map and perfect for what it is, a city map that takes the elements which made the original city maps so good and improves upon them.

Rating: 94

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