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FbSp002 | Single/DM | Author: FakirBaba | Download 93kt

This is quite much different than FakirBaba's latest level 'FbSp001'. FbSp001 followed the detailed Bobsp style. This one follows the original Duke3D city level theme.
Location is again XXXstacy's video productions somewhere in a city. If you have played this level from fourth episode ('The Birth') then you know exactly what to expect. Style is exactly the same with same themes and locations (filming area, copy room, storage, streets etc.). Design is very good. It's detailed, shadows are very good and texture great. This could be a production from the original Duke3D - style is so much the same (except this one is better).
So what we have here now is a good city level with good design and excellent gameplay. Size is quite small (it uses about 1/3 of the available sectors & walls and is only 112kt) so FbSp002 could have been a lot bigger.


Rating: 92