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Eye-Witness | Single | Author: Kevin Cools & Alejandro Glavic | Download 106kt

After a set of Alejandro's hi-tech levels and Kef's snow level this one is a nice refreshment. Perfectly normal city level which makes everyone happy. As you can see this map was made by two authors. Perhaps you'll recognize which one built which room but at least I couldn't tell the difference. Street has nice amount of detailed cars and there's also this unreachable place (I love these - reminds me of an old Duke3D) where you can see a boat on the beach. Finding yellow (or was it blue or red) key was difficult - once again think when you get pipebombs (what can I do with these?). It's night and that allows some nice shadowing. Disco is cool with some nice lights. This map brings nothing new or amazing but it definitely is a damn good city level. Short but tasty.


Rating: 92